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our story

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Try saying luca broccolini without cracking a grin, or at least a little smirk.  

The name came about as we were in the kitchen one afternoon, making up nicknames and songs about kids that we knew.

luca broccolini is a family business operating out of a loft studio in Hawke's Bay, Aotearoa. 

The design and construction are handled by mother/daughter Jenni and Jodi.


our philosophy

We make unisex slow fashion for 2-7 year olds, that is reassuringly robust and made for every day.

Function, durability, and sustainability are our main jams.

We are devoted to a circular fashion system. As there are more than enough supplies already in circulation, our materials are responsibly sourced and we only utilise deadstock (salvaged), vintage, and found fabrics. And because of this all of our lines are limited runs. 

We spin our own wool from slaughter-free sheep (sheep who are pets and won't end up on the dinner table) and because we like to keep it in the family, our wooden buttons were turned by our dad/grandad.

We ride bicycles, grow our own food, and buy second hand. In general, we try to step lightly on our planet, with our personal values having formed the foundation upon which our business is built. 


our transparent pricing

In the fashion industry transparency is generally lacking. Profit margins and mark-ups are kept secret. How little money the actual makers of a garment receive is alarming, and children are routinely exploited for profit. There is a lot of shady business going on to say the least.

But not in our neck of the woods! We are here with open hearts and books and we're laying out all the costs involved in making our garments.

To see the break down please take a look here or follow the link at the bottom of this page.

Do contact us if you'd like any additional information. We would love to talk with you.

Warmest, Jenni and Jodi. 


connect with us

Thank you for stopping by.

Send us a message if you have any questions. Or even just to say hello! 


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scenes of our loft studio