We have our own sizing model based on age. 

SMALL- should suit 2/3 year olds
MEDIUM - should suit 4/5 year olds
LARGE - should suit 6/7 year olds

Please check the size dimensions on each garment listing. We have also put our two models in a variety of sizes, so you can see how the clothes fit.

If you are unsure of which size to get please contact us and ask our opinion. We will generally recommend going up a size.


You can compare our measurements against a garment of your child’s. This is quite a reliable method, just make sure the garment is lying flat and wrinkle free while measuring. 

When measuring your child have them stand naturally with their arms by their sides.

  • For the body length measurement, measure from the middle of the shoulder straight down the front.
  • For the sleeve measurement, measure from the top of the arm (general area where sleeve seams usually sit) straight down, with arms resting naturally at sides. (The sleeve of our winter jacket is dropped, so measure from a few cm down from the top of the arm.)
  • For the chest circumference, have arms out to the sides while you measure around your child at about underarm height.  Then have them lower their arms.

We consider our sizes to be generous. And favour an oversized aesthetic.



Our size small beanie will fit 2-3 year olds.
Our size large beanie will fit age 4+.

If your child is 2, we recommend buying a size small.

If they are 3, or older, we recommend a large, as to get the maximum usage out of it.

NOTE: If you are buying a beanie in ‘marine’, this fabric is very stretchy, so if you have a 3 year old (with an average size head) buy a size small. The size large will fit up to most adult heads!